Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dia Perasan Bagus

Hari ini..byk benda jdi..first,me asked sumone tolong cover keje jap while m away for sumthin else..buat suka hati dia je, bila tegur panjang cte..then, psl org yg suka free gifts..then this students didnt turn up utk on air..sesuka hati without lettin me know in d first place..then psl dia org..'they'..

to be continue...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Still Looking...

...been a long time i didn't do blogging..bukan tak nak tapi tak bkesempatan. Since m working here at d radio's like 24.7. D problem is..24 hours for me dh tak cukup lg dh..Where can i find sum more 'TIME'???
Neway, lotsa things had happened for the past few months..I cried, laughed n went insane pun ada..just like other homo sapiens. Just not sure to begin..i lost my own track..
I guess i should begin with sumthin tht related to d title..M still looking for a better job..better surroundings and the conclusion to these..better life for better living. Sumtimes i feel like giving up everything here and just blk Penang..why? because there I can easily get a mom ada offer to work with her or her friends..but i rejected it coz i want to be in KL..m used to the surroundings, m comfort with it..and the main point is..i want to be independent..there are soo many things which i have to think rite now. Until certain stage, where i can't think of any..clueless, this..(still wondering what to write,sedangkan tdi bukan main dlm pala otak mcm2 nk type)
I guess..i just leave it this way..clueless n unfinished..till then..we'll meet again.

Friday, September 30, 2005

MaWi WorLd Came To UPM

Last Wednesday, a new big shining 'Star' whom is known MAWI AF3 came to UPM in conjunction of a forum 'Belia Benci Dadah'..It was held at Dewan Besar Sultan Salahuddin Aziz Shah UPM, started at 11.15 until 12.15pm. And this is what had happened on that day..
1) The Dean of FBMK (Fakulti Bahasa Moden dan Komunikasi) brought along his
wife and daughters just to meet Mawi and all his daughters that came on that
particular day were absent for school..The dean also brought along a big paper
bag full with autographs book and A4 papers (together with name tag) of his
relatives and neighbours as to get Mawi's signature..hehehe

2) The V.C of UPM together with his wife also came for the occasion..As before
this, either one of them only be attended most of the occasions especially the
one that organised by the students..but this..hehehe

3) I have stepped on the V.C foot I wanted to take picture with
Mawi..hehehe (Hey, it's for my mom ok!!!)

Well, I have to admit..he is a guy that have a good head on d shoulder (not counting tht he is bald - lol)..and yes it is true that he is lack of communication skills that he didn't gave a good answer when he was asked by the press during the press conference..but can't blame him, he is still new to the world of glamourous and gossips...

Well, I wish him all the best in his singing carrier..

Thursday, September 22, 2005

FiNaLLy.......M BaCk!!

i try to be perfect but nothing was worth it
i dont believe it makes me real
i thought it'd be easy but no one believes me
i meant all the things i said
if you believe its in my soul i'd say all the words that i know
just to see if it would show that im trying to let you know that
im better off on my own
this place is so empty
my thoughts are so tempting i don't know how it got so bad
some times its so crazy that nothing can save me
but it's the only thing that i have
if you believe its in my soul i'd say all the words that i know
just to see if it would show that im trying to let you know
that im better off on my own
i try to be perfect it just wasnt worth it
nothing could ever be so wrong it's hard to believe me it never gets easy
i guess i knew that all along if you believe its in my soul
i'd say all the words that i know just to see if it would show that im trying to let you know that im better off on my own

This is a song by SUM41..It affected my life so much that it is soo true that for all this while am trying to be perfect and to please everyone around me but at the end of the day...m hurt n dissappointed with what i have done..and it is better to be on my own without thinking about others...Am i being selfish here????should i???

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

AinT NuThIn eZ In tHiS LiFe

M still alive..that's what i can say for now. I've been jammed n doomed with piles of things which everything waiting to be settle A.S.A.P. For a moment i thought i might lost d whole breath i've got but at last with patience n lotsa efforts..taadaaaaa....m done with it. N now i can have a piece of time just to update this blog...hehehehe.
Sorry Bai, ayu n d rest for being late updating my blog..I really m so bz with my stuffs n plus I didn't had enuff sleep for d past 2 affected my work schedules n my outdoor activities...M scare tht m getting this 'Insomnia'..Thought of meeting a Dr. for an advice but nahhh...surely he'll gave some sleeping pills n vitamins...Sleeping pills will make it worse n can make someone addicted to it..I guess it was becoz lately I have soo much things to be think of n to be solve...n now still m trying to cool down myself n try to forgetting all d probs..hope evrything soon will be over...